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Snow Removal

Matt's Tree Service Offers Snow Removal in Aberdeen SD

Our Bobcat 770 with our sweeper / Our 20foot trailer dumping snow after hauling it away

We do snow removal in the Aberdeen SD Area

We have the equipment to do most anything that needs done for snow removal.

Skid Steer Attachments will fit all 4 of our skid steers

  • 6 foot snow blower
  • 7 foot sweeper
  • 11 foot snow bucket + numerous smaller buckets
  • 10 foot snow pusher
  • 1 Salt Spreader mounted on pickup
  • 2 32" walk behind Snow Blower
  • 2 pickups with V Plows
  • 3 20foot dump trailers to complete your snow removal project fast.
  • 100hp loader tractor with 9foot snow blower for long driveways or roads
  • 4 foot snow blower
  • 4 foot sweeper
When you need snow removed from your sidewalk, driveway or parking lot give us a call. whether your on our list of customers we help whenever it snows 2 inches or more, or you just need us this one time we can help you out. But call us early because we're normally all done with our accounts by noon. Are you going on vacation and need to make sure your house stays Snow free while your gone. We don't charge anything unless we get snow. Take off, go have some fun and know that while your gone we are back home keeping your driveway and sidewalks cleared of snow. About the only thing we don't do is roofs. I hope you will think of Matt's Tree Service the next time you need snow removal services done at your home or business. Give us a call today and get on the list before it snows then relax knowing that when it does snow, we will just take care of it for. We have whole communities that hire us to do their snow removal do get the best deal. It only makes sense to give a discount when we can do an entire city block of sidewalks and driveways. We can get a lot more done without moving all around town to do it. If your interested in getting on such a plan please give us a call at 605-228-3861 and we will be more than happy to come to your location and discuss options. Lets make this snow season great for everyone by making it cheaper for you and easier for us. Save Save