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Easy Lift 70-36

09/27/2016 was the first day of service for our new 70 foot lift with 46 foot of total side reach and it has made jobs much easier to get to. It will drive through a 36inch gate

If you need a Tree removed this winter

Now is a great time to call Matt’s Tree Service for any tree removal you may need. Matt’s Tree Service can get into your yard remove a tree or multiple trees, grind stumps and get out with very little disturbance to the surrounding area. Winter is a great time of the year to do Tree Removals and do stump grinding because the ground is frozen and we have little problems with disturbing the lawn. Summer is the best time to trim trees or shape bushes and shrubs and do stump grinding. Most generally we can still get in when the ground is soft to do a tree removal and grind stumps but we have to take extra precautions to protect your yard.

We have road mats that can be laid on the lawn to keep it looking good even after we’re done and gone. Few other Tree Services have road mats.

We can do stump grinding most anytime of the year, winter included. We keep black dirt in a carport to keep it dry, to put back into the hole when we’re done.

It’s been 4 years since our purchase of a Bil-Jax 60 foot trailer type electric lift and only a tear since we traded it off for a brand new one to use for tree trimming and tree removal, they only weight about 20% of what our truck weighs and can get through a 6 foot gate which will make it excellent for Tree Removal when the ground is soft or when space is a commodity we just don’t have. We only pull our truck out of the garage a few times a year now. 01/06/2017

For a Great Video of setting up the Bil-Jax 5533 click here

Sometimes our bucket truck is just too large and bulky to get around tight corners so an electric lift will be a big help for us.

Plus it also gives us the option to run two crews more often. Last year we ran two crews when ever we rented an electric lift and it always worked out great for us.

We’re hoping to make this year even better than last year.

So if you need some tree work done call us Matt’s Tree Service (605) 228-3861.

We can come out, look at your project and maybe give you some advice on what should be done and when’s the best time to do it.

Remember to (LIKE) our Facebook page, you’ll get almost daily updates of what we’re up to during the summer and I always try and get some pictures and video’s

Common Problems an
Aberdeen SD Tree Service Can Solve

Sometimes trees can overgrow and have wayward branches that may fall into utility lines. Hitting power lines may cause severe power outages, fires and even electrical spikes or surges. Power lines struck by a falling tree or branch could be downed while still conducting electricity. Imagine the injury it can cause to people or pets who might walk into it. If you have a tree that might potentially fall into the utility line, correct the situation immediately with the help of an Aberdeen SD Tree Service. Rotten, overgrown and wayward branches will be trimmed so that the tree does not pose the threat of hitting utility lines.

A series of simple observations can help you determine whether the trees on your lot are hazardous. First, the professionals at an Aberdeen SD Tree Service suggest you look for signs of rot and damage on your trees. Can you see dead branches or broken limbs? Do mushrooms grow at the base of the tree and has the wood started to rot along the trunk and major branches? A rotting tree is a very dangerous thing to have on your yard. Examine where the branches of your trees attach to the trunk for cracks and splits, which may signal a weakening branch. Are any of your trees’ branches fallen? Are there any fallen or dead trees nearby? Do any of your trees lean heavily to one side, or have more prominent branches on one side than on the other? Maybe the roots have been injured by previous repairs carried on in the property, like installing sidewalks and pavements or digging trenches.

A reliable Aberdeen Tree Service can help you with any of the problems that you may spot on your trees. Being able to identify and eliminate the risks of having trees will increase the safety of your property and the longevity of your trees. Also, if you do not take any steps to correct tree hazards though you are aware of them, you are faced with potential liability. Regular trimming and maintenance and even an old stump removal by an Aberdeen SD Tree Service will help you avoid such liabilities.
Matt's Tree Service setting up Easy Lift 70-36
Matt's Tree Service Driving our Easy Lift 70-36 through the snow for a Dual Tree Removal setup.
Tree Removal behind the Zoo Bar
Matt's Tree Service Removing Top of Tree Behind the Zoo Bar
Matt's Tree Service Removing Top of Tree Behind the Zoo Bar
Tree Removal in Britton, SD
Matt's Tree Service Maple Tree Removal
Matt's Tree Service Maple Tree Removal in Britton SD.
Our New Lift going through a gate
Our NEW EasyLift 70-36AJ going through a gate
To get our EasyLift 70-36AJ through a gate this small we have to remove the bucket but it just takes about a minute with 2 people. http://www.matts-tree-serv...
Here is a Tree we took down a few months ago.
Tree Removal in Tulare, SD - Matt's Tree Service
Tree Removal in Tulare, SD - Matt's Tree Service This tree was dropped using a Stihl MS880 with 47" bar I had my stump grinder sitting against the building b...












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